Radioactive Metal

Radioactive Metal X Mass Special 2020 - Listen Along

December 24, 2020

Horns Up and Merry Xmas! To help all our beautiful listeners celebrate the holidays, we decided to do something new. This past Halloween we introduced our very first watch along. This season we present our inaugural listen along? (I guess.) The "We Wish You A Metal X Mas and a Head Banging New Year" Christmas compilations become a holiday staple around the RAM offices. An hour long, 2 record set featuring collaborations of some of heavy music's legendary artists. So we want to spent Christmas in your earholes listening tour thoughts and insights (OK, ramblings) about this beautiful music. So download this episode. Go to the link below (or grab your CD, album or spotify). Press play and we'll spread a little holiday cheer together!

This Episode is sponsored by Trve Kvlt Coffee. Summon the coffee demons to possess yourself a cup today!

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