About Us:

Since 2006, Radioactive Metal (aka RAM) has been your source for news, views, and interviews!

In it’s humble beginnings, RAM was a monthly podcast that featured discussions between it’s hosts and some occasional guests. It was one of the first ever podcasts that was all about Heavy Metal. Through hard work and a commitment to bring it’s listeners the best metal content on the internet, RAM caught the ear of internet rock station Pure Rock Radio. Now RAM has been airing on PRR every Thursday night since 2009!

In 2010, original host Snowy White enlisted Roch Vaillancourt to be part of the show, making his official debut on Episode 100. With the addition of Roch, RAM expanded it’s reach again and entered the social media world.

Securing artist interviews also became a priority. The list of RAM interview subjects is a long and star studded affair. You will find unsigned bands, hardcore legends, death metal luminaries, thrash titans, and everything else in between!

In 2012, RAM entered the concert photography pits and expanded it’s reach even more. This afforded more opportunities for interviews and the chance to cover big events.

Snowy and Roch enlisted in 2014 the talents of Coreen Jansen after a random encounter at a Carcass show. A quick conversation convinced the guys that she had the passion, talent, and guts to not take their bullshit and join the ranks of RAM. Coreen brings the female perspective of being a Metalhead, and being the same age as the guys’ own daughters, she brings a lot of energy and a different mindset to all the discussions.

So take a few minutes to look around, check out the pictures, and listen to a few episodes! Drop us a line and tell us what you think. Better yet, give a call and leave a voicemail at 321-804-3289!