Radioactive Metal

Episode 716: Begrime And Punishment -interview with Begrime Exemious

September 15, 2022

The mighty Begrime Exemious are back!! With an awesome new Dark Descent Records album "Rotting In The Aftermath" fresh on the racks, the Canadian deathsters hit the road. No strangers to this show, axe/vox Derek Orthner was cool to sit down with us and give us all the Begrimey details. In our "News, Views and Tunes", we discuss catching the classic "Jaws" in the theatre. In 3D, no less! And we have one helluva "Metal Fix"!! Musically, we crank the new BE and some new + used from Holy Terror, Artificial Brain, Haxan, Berator, Grave Bathers, Brutal Youth, Epoch Of Unlight and feature death metallers Deformatory in our "Indie Spotlight". Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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