Radioactive Metal

Episode 710: Deth Redefining - interview with Detherous

August 4, 2022

Redefining Darkness recording artists Detherous recently returned to town. The tour was suppose to be in support of a brand new album. But alas... Undeterred, these good Canadian boys still killed it every night and were eager to chat. We caught up with vox/axe Damon MacDonald. We discussed the response to the previous "Hacked to Death" album and the not so glamorous life on the road. In our "News, Views and Tunes", we go into detail about the new Shudder exclusive documentary "This Is Gwar" and our first live exposure to "deathmatch" wrasslin'. Musically, we crank new + used from the aforementioned Detherous, Castrator, Gwar, Blood, Oxygen Destroyer, Battlegrave, Funeral Chic, Tortured Saint, Death Piggy and introduce Canadian modern metallers My Hollow in our "Indie Spotlight". Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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