Radioactive Metal

Episode 704: Untombed - interview with Tombs

June 23, 2022

It almost feels like Halloween in June around here. You can't help but feel that way in the prescence of Micheal Hill, he of Tombs fame. The Season of Mist recording artist had a recent stop with Origin and Abysmal Dawn. We were eager to talk to Mr. Hill as we have more than just good music in common. We discussed the new "Ex Oblivion" EP, finding their home with Seasons and his love of all things horror. Currently, the Rolling Stones rock n roll exhibit "Unzipped" is in town. So in our "News, Views and Tunes" we discuss the artists we'd like to see get the same treatment. Musically, we crank new and used from Tombs, Gwar, Septic Death, Hexis, Fulci, VHS, Sundown, and Denouncement Pyre! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!! 

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