Radioactive Metal

Episode 700: We’re So Excited! - interview with Exciter

May 26, 2022

Like the lady said..."We're so excited!" First off, this is another milestone with episode 700!! Plus, we recently experienced a night of firsts at the recent Manitoba Metalfest. It was the first time the legendary Exciter played our neck of the woods. It was the first time we've seen the classic line up live. And finally, it was the first time we had the good fortune of getting drummer/vox Dan Beetler onto our interview hotseat. Our excitement for Exciter goes back as far as for Heavy Metal itself with the classic "Violence And Force" album. So we didn't even really know where to begin with Mr. Beehler. But at the same time we had a thousand questions for him. We discussed the band's history with Megaforce Records and what the future holds! Another Bucket List interview! In our "News, Views and Tunes", we go into extra innings discussing Judas Priest and Onslaught going into the "Rock n Roll" and "Metal" HOFs, the impending return of Spinal Tap, and completely dissect the Joan Jett/Ted Nugent beef. Musically, we crank new and used from Exciter, D.O.A., the aforementioned Onslaught, Tysondog, Metalucifer, Iron Dogs, Immortal Bird, and Sadistic Ritual! Whew! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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