Radioactive Metal

Episode 686: Half Century Boyz

January 21, 2022

By The Metal Godz how time flies. 2022 is off and running. Now that both your wonderful hosts have hit the Big Five - Oh, we came to the realization that there will be a variety of other significant stuff in the Metal World that will be sharing the same Bday this year. Namely, 1972. This week we take deep dive into '72 going over some key events, band formations, and new albums. It's nice to know we were at least on the Earth during this fabulous year. As well, Decibel magazine released their "Top 40 Albums of 2021" issue. So we give our two-bits about it. In our "News, Views, and Tunes", we crank some new and used from Craven Idol, Revenant, Necrophagus, Portrayal of Guilt, Rudimentary Peni, Warpig and Maule. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!  

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