Radioactive Metal

Episode 662: Witchy Radio - interview with Witch Cross

July 8, 2021

Another one off the old Bucket List! We discovered Danish heavy rockers Witch Cross in '84. The same time we went Metal full time. The outfit's debut album "Fit For Fight" caught our attention right away. So much in fact said album produced one of our fave songs ever! The band's output has been sporadic over the years. But now WC are back with an amazing new album "Angel of Death". Founder/axeman Mike Koch has been there for the whole ride. And the new album affords us the opportunity to have him the RAM hottest. We go over everything about the new album and dive into some cool history. So exciting! In our "News, Views and Tunes",  we discuss the recent Canadian church burnings and read/dissect an interesting "Entitled Parent" Reditt post regarding a Les Paul gee-tar. Musically, we crank new (and classic) Witch Cross + Witch Vomit, Ghoul, Exorcist, Morbid Breath and Noctambulist. Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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