Radioactive Metal

Episode 651: Radioactive Wrasslin’ - interview with Nasty Savage

April 22, 2021

More and more the connection between our beloved genre and the world of professional wrestling is getting stronger and stronger. Ring entrance music, gimmicks and, most importantly, a lot of wrestler's themselves are real life Metalheads. One of the original crossovers is Nasty Savage maiman "Nasty" Ronnie.  In our youth, we started out as Nasty Savage fans. But then we really "marked" out when Mr. Ronnie took his outrageous stage antics to the squared circle in his home state of Florida. Ronnie was actually a "Bucket List' interview from the get go, and with it being Wrestlemania season, getting him on the horn was an easy match up. We discussed the early years of NS, his journey into the mat world, right up to his "Born To Ride" TV series. This being a special wrestling episode, we enlisted the talents of "Ducky" Dustin Maruca and Matt Copper from our sister show "Wrestling Night In Canada".  We discussed Ozzy going into the WWE Hall of Fame, the Misfits stint in WCW, and our picks for musicians that would make great wrasslers! If all this doesn't get us the Three Count then musically we crank some Savage, God's Hate, Hirax, Piledriver, Hallow's Eve, AntiSeen, Brody's Militia, and Eat The Turnbuckle! Horns Up and Stay Healthy!

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