Radioactive Metal

Episode 594: Toxic Talk - interviews with Toxic Holocaust and Shit Happens

February 20, 2020

Looks like the 2020 touring schedules have finally commenced. Which means our "Creature Feature" exclusive interviews are back on track. First up the mighty Soulfly flew thru town bringing with them the amazing Toxic Holocaust. Our chat with the "Modern Day Bathory" Joel Grind is long overdue. But its going to pay off this week. We corralled Mr. Grind long enough to get the 411 on the new "Primal Future: 2019" album. As well, we got into all his studio stuff side work and the origins of his gimmick monicker. On the "Sidestage", Winnipeg punkers Shit Happens just dropped their debut demo. So we had a great introductory chat at their release party gig braving the elements behind the venue! Only in Canada, eh! In our "News, Views, and Tunes", we address the recent R.A.T.M. ducat controversy which turned into a "Who is" and "What is" type chat regarding Nu Metal. Musically, we crank a buncha TH and new stuff from Ambush and Unmerciful!! Horns!! 

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