Radioactive Metal

Episode 490: Harmful Effects - Harm’s Way interview

January 26, 2018

Hardcore rockers HARM'S WAY are making huge strides forward in their career. Predominantly a hardcore band, they have been top tier talent in that scene. We've been following the band from the get-go and had them on the show while they were promoting their last record. It was a pleasant surprise to this old school metaller to see HW sign-on with Metal Blade Records. We were fully expecting to speak with usual spokesman, drummer Chris Mills, but we were stoked when vox James Pligge picked up the phone. We push the new "Posthuman" album, their new spot on Metal Blade, and his straight edge and athletic lifestyle. James also tells us a cool story about a prominent culinary figure nudging the band towards Brian Slagel. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we address the Catanese situation and get excited over the word "Metal" becoming a Merriam-Webster adjective! Musically we crank the new HW, tech deathsters SUNLESS, and METAL CHURCH. Horns!!

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