Radioactive Metal

Episode 459: Cro-Magnon Man - Bloodclot (John Joseph) interview

June 2, 2017

John Joseph literally wrote the book on NY (worldwide, actually) hardcore. Mr. Joseph has a rich, storied career fronting the mighty CRO-MAGS and influenced a generation of Punks and Metalheads alike. But these days, the man is focusing his attention on his other band (don't call it a side project) BLOODCLOT. About to tour their new Metal Blade record Up In Arms, we got on the horn with John. He was excited to talk about the history and the current going-ons of Bloodclot, some Cro-Mags, tattoo talk, and most importantly, all his awesome charity work. He's hard to the core indeed. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we get into the ENTOMBED legal matters, MOTÖRHEAD whiskey, and cockblocking!! Musically, we crank some Bloodclot, Cro-Mags, VISCERAL DISGORGE, EXPULSION, and classic Entombed! In the Indie Spotlight, we present DEAD ASYLUM! Horns!!

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