Radioactive Metal

Episode 452: Metalmania - Anvil interview

April 14, 2017

For us, the wonderful world of pro-wrestling is not just a guilty pleasure. We've never hidden our joy of the square circle on this show. When you look beyond the grunts and body slams, the similarities between pro-wrestling and our beloved genre get more and more apparent. Both have a tendency of catering to similar audiences and are generally maligned by society as a whole. The artists and wrestlers live similar lifestyles and face the same challenges. With Wrestlemania having recently passed through our backyard, we found ourselves in wrestling overload. We fiund this to be a good time to cover the mat world. We discuss the strong connection between Metal and wrestling and the how's and where's we discovered our beloved sport. As it turns out, Canadian metal legends ANVIL are also pro-wrestling "marks". Right before the Wrestlemania chaos, the boys made their way through town and gave us a moment of their time. So while the likes of MOTÖRHEAD have played a role in wrasslin' over the years, the Metal underground is full of tunes and characters dedicated to the craft. Musically, we crank new and classic Anvil, NASTY SAVAGE, ANTI SEEN, INCENDIARY, VEXTEMPER, EAT THE TURNBUCKLE (!) and the mighty PILEDRIVER (!!). And the winner is... everyone one that tunes in! Horns Up!

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