Radioactive Metal

Episode 417: Welcome to Black Metal - Venom Inc interview

July 15, 2016

Let the joyous celebrations of Hell begin!! Straight up... if VENOM never existed, then there would be no RAM. The legendary black metal trailblazers are a game changing outfit. They not only inspired a generation of extreme metallers but are probably leaving a positive impression on a second as well. But now Satan's favorite trio has split into two factions, as have a number of other bands over the years. Original vocalist/bassist Cronos is waving the Venom banner. But axeman Mantas and skin pounder Abaddon have staked their claim as VENOM INC. They recently came through town and we scratched yet another 'bucket list' band off our interview agenda. Hanging out with Misters Mantas and Abaddon, we discussed the early days of Venom, why they're not a cover band, their classic sound, plans of a new album, and so much more. With Venom having such a big impact on us personally, we couldn't help but share our memories and our whys and wherefores on this band that ruined our teen years and beyond. In our News , Views, and Tunes, we crank some classic Venom, some new FOGHAT (!!), and NUCLEAR ASSAULT paying tribute to "Thee Black Metal Gods! V - E - N -O - f'n - M!!" Horns Up!

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