Radioactive Metal

Episode 400: The Big Four Oh! Oh! - Doro and Madame Mayhem interview

March 11, 2016

For all of us, hitting the Big 4-0 is a milestone. Some people pessimistically see it as the beginning of the end. But for the Heavy Metal internet radio world, the Big 4-0-0 is an equivalent milestone but we see no end in sight. The best way to truly celebrate this awesome occasion is with the best ever Creature Feature! The Mighty Mistress of Metal DORO PESCH is a true legend. Our history with Doro goes back to the very first WARLOCK record. We're absolutely thrilled to bring this exclusive chat with the Metal Goddess. She was truly excited to help us celebrate this milestone episode. We discussed her role as an ambassador of Metal, why she accepted AMON AMARTH's invitation, how much longer she wants to rock the masses, and how she first met Lemmy. In our News, Views and Tunes, we acknowledge one of our comrades winning an Oscar, we do some Kanye bashing, we learn about the expression "fuckin the dog". Musically, we crank some Doro, KREATOR, and SOLANUM. We also take some time to introduce and interview MADAME MAYHEM in our Indie Spotlight. Horns Up... 400 times!

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