Radioactive Metal

Episode 395: Not Just a Cartoonist - Gisele Lagace interview

February 5, 2016

It's right there in the name: We love METAL! But we also have many other interests, so longtime listeners know that we're also geeks. We recently befriended cartoonist GISELE LAGACE and after chatting with her online about all sorts of stuff, we found out that she had a rock music career in the early 90s. We invited her to talk about her old band BARBARELLA and her current career as a premiere cartoonist. Fans of her online strip Menage a 3 will discover new things about Gisele, and our listeners will discover a band that they probably missed out on. We also talk about having similar life experiences, visiting the old Rock En Stock store in Montreal, the metal legends she befriended back in the day, her work for Archie Comics, and an upcoming project that everyone will love (Hey! Ho! Let's go!). In the music department, we play some Barbarella, FASTER PUSSYCAT, and KISS. Horns Up!

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