Radioactive Metal

Episode 457: Krull Island - Leaves’ Eyes interview

May 19, 2017

Symphonic metallers LEAVES' EYES could very much be considered Metal's answer to Beauty And The Beast. Alexander Krull played a major role in the early 90s during the Roadrunner-led era of death metal, while he was fronting the legendary ATROCITY. In an attempt to expand their musical horizons, the thrashers morphed into the very different Leaves' Eyes while keeping their much heavier alter ego active. Now armed with a new kickass EP and new(ish) vocalist in the operatic Elina Siirala, Mr Krull and Co have taken the show on the road. We caught up with the dynamic duo to discuss the current happenings in the Eyes camp, Miss Siirala's background, and some Atrocity. In our News, Views and Tunes, we go over some new and upcoming releases, talk some slut vomit, and say Happy Bday to the immortal Chuck Shuldiner. Musically we crank the new Leaves' Eyes, classic Atrocity, classic POSSESSED, AVULSED, VOMIT REMNANTS, UNGRAVED APPARITION, and THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. Horns Up!!

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