Radioactive Metal

Episode 455: Album Autopsy - Sword’s Metalized - Part 2

May 5, 2017

In Part 2 of this Album Autopsy, Mike Plant, Dan Hughes, and Rick Hughes join us again to talk about the songs on SWORD's debut, Metalized. We talk about the songwriting process, the record company putting in "special orders", and the inspiration behind the lyrics (Bikers, Aleister Crowley, drugs, and The Poltergeist, oh my!) We talk about gigs in Montreal at the Moustache Club, the selection of the album name, the promo videos, and touring. We especially discuss the short tour they did with METALLICA and METAL CHURCH around the Province of Québec in 1986. We also talk about good times in Sherbrooke at the old Hotel Wellington and at the Rock Palace club, where they brought up a Harley on the second floor of the venue! Horns Up!!

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