Radioactive Metal

Episode 439: Ain’t No Funny Book - Jon Schnepp interview

December 21, 2016

Thrash legends SLAYER create the kind of art that can cross over into other avenues beyond the streets of Metaldom. Their controversial lyrics, imagery, and promo vids translate well to other media and the awesome Dark Horse Comics recognized that potential. Thus, "Slayer: Repentless" is born; a three part mini-series based on the promo vids of the namesake album. The man behind these pages of rage is no stranger to our beloved genre... Writer/Director Jon Schnepp was an artistic mastermind behind the Metalocalypse series, has directed videos for FORBIDDEN and EXODUS, and wrote the DETHKLOK comics. We can't think of a more qualified man for this unique venture. Mr. Schnepp discusses how he got involved on the series, how twisted the story will be, and his music of choice while working on this platter of splatter. He also discusses his time working on cartoons for Adult Swim, but especially his days on Metalocalypse. The Avengers? Spider-Who? SLAAAAAYEEEEEER!!!!! In our News, Views, and Tunes, we bitch about the 2016 Revolver Awards and address the ISIS/PayPal controversery. Musically, we crank some Slayer, CRADLE OF FILTH, Dethklok, the returning GORATORY, and introduce Swedish beaters ARROGANT STATE in our Indie Spotlight. Horns!!

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