Episode 484: Hell’s Favorite Harlot

December 15, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

We’ve said it many times, metal and pro wrestling belong together like peanut butter and chocolate, like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, like Kerry King and Tom Araya… Many metalheads are pro wrestling fans and many wrestlers are metal fans. Our guest is a prime (evil) example. She’s the inaugural and current SHINE Nova Champion. She’s Hell’s Favorite Harlot, she’s The Priscilla Kelly. We go over her training, her quick rise in the business, and […]

Episode 483: Morbidly Angelic

December 8, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Old school MORBID ANGEL fans rejoice! The Florida legend’s last experimental album left a sour taste in the mouths of diehards the world over. Regardless of your personal feelings of said record, rest assured that it’s a new day in the Morbid camp. The new album “Kingdoms Disdained” is a return to former glory. It’s no small coincidence that Morbid’s return to greatness marks the return of bass/vocalist Steve Tucker. We sat down with the man on […]

Episode 482: Witch Way To Hell

December 1, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Decibel Magazine recently released their Top 40 albums of 2017 on their website. What a pleasant surprise to find that, not one, but both of our Creature Features made the grade! First up, (electronic) grinders FULL OF HELL recently came through town and we caught up with vocalist Dylan Walker. We got his thoughts on the brilliant “Trumpeting Ecstasy” album (#8), their straight edge/vegan lifestyles, and their somewhat offbeat collaborations. Canadian black/death metallers WORMWITCH put out a […]

Episode 481: Off With Our Heads

November 24, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

Extreme metallers CATTLE DECAPITATION have been a mainstay on Metal Blade Records since 2002!  All these years, these San Diego veterans have been raising eyebrows throughout the underground. They elicit both positive and negative reactions for their (arguably) controversial artwork and social beliefs. Still on the road supporting their “The Anthropocene Extinction” record, we caught up with axeman Josh Elmore. We discuss said awesome record, their unique monicker, and their brutal… no, fucking brutal… video for “Forced […]

Episode 480: Suffo-ring Suckatash!

November 17, 2017 Roch Vaillancourt 0

NY death metal legends SUFFOCATION are both an unstoppable force and immovable object. Their first demo recordings hit the underground in 1990 and now almost 30 years later, they’re showing no signs of letting up. They’re also showing no signs of giving up their dominant spot in the hearts and minds of fans the world over. Of course, Suffocation also have an open invitation to return to the RAM hot seat. You’re not going to find a […]