Episode 469: Tim’s For Us Kids – Part 1

Generally when covering a veteran, or “classic” hard rock/heavy metal band, the frontman ends up monopolizing the majority of the attention. But there could also be up to five other guys in that same band, with five different stories to tell. New York hardcore vet Tim McMurtrie is probably most known for slinging the axe in the early days of M.O.D. He was on the seminal USA For MOD record,  which cemented his place in hard music history. These days Mr. McMurtrie remains a key member in the scene. His new(ish) band FULL SCALE RIOT is making a splash and he recently launched his Tripsquad Records label. All this stuff he was stoked to chat  about in Part One of a massive Creature Feature. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we do a little festival talk and some new vs. classic VENOM banter. Musically, we crank some FSR, DARKEST HOUR, and the new PALLBEARER! Horns!

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Full Scale Riot | Darkest Hour | Pallbearer