Episode 456: Weeding Out The Weak

“It’s 4/20, Dude!” (In our worst/best Jeff Spicoli). On April 20th, we couldn’t think of a band we’d rather see in our hometown than the mighty WEEDEATER. The North Carolina metaller’s stoner/doom stylings is the perfect soundtrack to celebrate “The Devil’s Lettuce” in 2017. We dragged bass/vox Dixie Dave Collins away from the merch booth long enough to share some thoughts. We discuss the latest record Goliathan, their controversial monicker, and their fish-out-of-water story with Season of Mist. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we talk RAM on public transit, trade Metal festival war stories, and drinking D.R.I.‘s beer!! Also, Aaron calls in from the Carolina Rebellion festival! Musically we crank the latest Weedeater, new GRUESOME, INTERNAL BLEEDING, CONNOISSEUR, and some classic EXODUS. Hours!!

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Weedeater l Gruesome | Internal Bleeding | Connoisseur | Exodus