Episode 450: He Speaks The Truth

The Big 4-5-0! Not a traditional milestone but definitely one to acknowledge. Around the RAM offices, we like to do that by setting our loyal Beautiful MFers up with a top draw Creature Feature. In the extreme metal underground, Kevin Sharp needs no introduction. Mr. Sharp burst onto the scene in the early 90s with the brilliant BRUTAL TRUTH debut. Since then, he’s built an amazing legacy leading up to his current project. Grinders LOCK UP have a new record, a new label, and Sharp completes the trilogy as the new voice vox. We discuss the new Demonization record, their new spot on Listenable Records, and even reminisce about a shared memory. We only really scratched the surface. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discuss Metal in the movies and wwwaaayyy too much Power Rangers! Musically we crank Kev’s Lock Up and Brutal Truth, ABOMINATOR, STRIFE, and ROLLINS BAND. Horns!!

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Lock Up | Brutal Truth | Abominator | Strife | Rollins Band