Episode 427: Peter Pain

Since 1990, Swedish metal master Peter Tagtgren has been a major player in the extreme metal underground. His legendary band HYPOCRISY helped but both Swedish death metal and Nuclear Blast Records on the map. Over the years, out of his Abyss Studios, Mr. Tagtgren has paid it forward by turning the knobs on some of your fave records. So when his hardly-a-side-project  PAIN put out their latest LP, we knew it was time to check off another bucket list moment. We discussed his legendary status, Pain’s crossover appeal to Hypocrisy fans, and what’s up at Abyss. Of course we also have to geek out over our mutual love of the DEAD KENNEDYS!! In our News Views and Tunes, we get a kick out of CLITEATER, find out what “shinny” means, and address Tim Lambesis‘ tig ole bitties. Musically we crank some Pain and Hypocrisy, Cliteater, EYEHATEGOD, and some new OBITUARY. Horns!!

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Pain | Hypocrisy | Dead Kennedys | Cliteater | Eyehategod | Obituary