Episode 425: Christy Whores Out The Damned

Where does one begin when discussing metal meister Richard Christy? Joe and Jane Average-American would probably be familiar with Christy for his work on the Howard Stern Radio Show, but the more discerning will know him from his multiple contributions to the metal world (Death, Iced Earth, Control Denied). Looking to promote the going ons of his current outfit CHARRED WALLS OF THE DAMNED, he was stoked to be under the RAM spotlight. We discussed his “supergroup” bandmates, his love of Canadian metal (yes, yes) and his Decibel Magazine horror column. It’s a fave chat of the year so far for sure… and we didn’t even yack about any Stern stuff! In our News , Views, and Tunes, we go over Dani Filth The Horror Star and put over the new GHOUL! Musically we give a taste of CWOTD the aforementioned Ghoul, the latest RAGNAROK, and some oldies but goodies from SADUS, INFERNAL MAJESTY, and WRATHCHILD AMERICA. Horns!!

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Charred Walls of the Damned | Ghoul | Ragnarok | Sadus
Infernal Majesty | Wrathchild America