Episode 420: The Scour Hour

The name John Jarvis may not fly off the old grey matter right away but the man’s impressive resume will make you go “Oh OK… coooool”. In the last couple of years, Mr. Jarvis has joined the ranks of grinders PIG DESTROYER and AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, and is still tearing it up with FULGORA. All these names are no strangers to RAM. So when the busy bassist announced his involvement with black metallers SCOUR, we were quick to get him on the horn. With bandmates plying their trade in other well known projects, we discussed the supergroup concept, his fans digging his new sound, and the Pig Destroyer camp. We even talked a little baseball (!!). Sorry Dude, 2016 = Blue Jays year. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we mourn a legendary producer, go off on drunk drivers, and crank some Scour, Pig Destroyer, BLOOD FEAST, LIVING DEATH, MISERABLE FAILURE, and THE ZENITH PASSAGE. And in the Indie Spotlight, we feature HELL PUPPETS. Horns Up!

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Scour | Blood Feast | The Zenith Passage | Pig Destroyer
Miserable Failure | Hell Puppets | Living Death