Episode 418: The Lady Wore Black

Last week’s legendary guests VENOM (Inc) are effectively  considered to be the first black metal band. Their influence is still being felt today, with case in point being this week’s Creature Feature. We caught up once again with ceremonial black metallers LUSTRAVI. Fresh off the release of their debut on Obscure Musick (Cult Of The Blackened Veil), they came to town for an opening set. We caught up with vox/bassist Morgan Weller and axeman Geoff McWhorter after the performance and discussed the reception of the album, getting approval from family, their love of black metal, and their plans for the next album. In our News, Views and Tunes, we discussed Joe Perry‘s health situation and Lemmy’s “erections”. Musically we crank some Lustravi, IMMORTAL, ASSCHAPEL, COUGH, acknowledge a MORTUARY DRAPE milestone, and introduce RABID FLESH EATERS in our Indie Spotlight. Horns!!

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Lustravi | Immortal | Asschapel | Cough
Mortuary Drape | Rabid Flesh Easters