Episode 411: Off the Records

There’s an old adage that goes “The eyes are a window to the soul”. Around here, we feel the quickest way to view our messed up insides is through our record collection. With the rise of reality TV bullshit, new expressions are being added to Joe and Jane Average’s vernacular. In 2016 record (and DVD) collecting is seen as “hoarding”. But as musical connoisseur we see the value of the physical product, regardless of the format. This week is a good time to share the ins and outs of our music collections. With categories culled from the top Metal rags, we go over some of our favorite records, which records best represent Metal, and conversely, which records should not be. We also share our favorite party albums and which record was the first we did the old mattress mambo to. So many great memories with new ones created during every trip to the record shop. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we go through Coreen’s Crap Bag, butt heads with a Playboy Playmate and play a very Metal game of chicken. Musically, we crank some tunes from CONDITION CRITICAL, BONDED BY BLOOD, ABIGAIL and TESTAMENT. We’re also stoked to present a real cool chat with Canadian hardcore bashers MORTALITY RATE in our Extended Indie Spotlight. Whew! Horns Up!

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Condition Critical | Bonded By Blood | Abigail
Testament | Mortality Rate