Episode 410: Unentombed

In doing an Internet radio show, we have to deal with a lot of red tape and industry mumbo jumbo. So imagine the trials and tribulations a career outfit like Swedish legends ENTOMBED must endure just to ply their craft. When the band split in two factions a few years back, original vocalist LG Petrov wasn’t about to start from scratch. Thus ENTOMBED AD was born. Talking to Mr. Petrov was another bucket list moment. Backing him up is a trio of young guns doing more than justice to the Entombed brand. So we were thrilled to also speak with drummer Olle Dahlstedt and bassist Victor Brandt. Together they discuss the Dawn Dead record, clear up the AD issue, and even do a little comix talk. Joining us for this special episode is Aaron from the Signal To Noise and Iron City Rocks radio shows. Over some Trooper beers and Lemmys, we do a whole bunch of bullshitting about guitar gear and the Swedish death metal sound. All of it done to the cool sounds of Entombed AD, Entombed, WEEKEND NACHOS, NECROT, and the original SLAUGHTER. Horns!!

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