Episode 409: French Assault

A double dose of Le Métal Francophone  courtesy of two continents. France’s tech deathsters GOROD is a band we should have had a grip on awhile ago, considering they make Listenable and Unique Leader Records their home. But now armed with a new(ish) record,  the band is terrorizing North America so we took the time to catch up with bassist Benoit Claus. In a quick chat, we discuss said record and what exactly is a “gorod”. Then we continue our French Assault (thank you VENOM) in our Indie Spotlight. Montreal party time thrashers REANIMATOR recently crossed the country as well. Vox Patrick Martin was stoked to give us the 411 on his DIY outfit. Good times indeed. In our News, Views and Tunes, we discuss our own Garage Days, the Rotting Fetus and (God help us) Sharknado 4!!! Musically, we crank the latest Gorod  as well as the new records from VICTIMS, GRUESOME, and AMON AMARTH. Horns Up!!

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