Episode 404: No Crappy Bands Here

Brutal death metallers DYSENTERY have been on our radar for sometime now. Their home base Comatose Music does a great job in getting their brutality to the underground masses. But when we learned of guitarist Blue Spinazola’s connection to some mutual friends, that’s when we knew we had to get the dude on the horn. This was more of a casual chat than a formal interview. We discussed the response to their Fragments album, his live work with INTERNAL BLEEDING, and exactly what the word “dysentery” means. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discuss DEATH bobble heads, the DISTURBED/Dallas incident, and the Golden Girls??!! Musically, we crank some Dysentery, the new METAL CHURCH, Death, the new TOMBS, RAVENCULT, and MORTAL DECAY. Horns up!!

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Dysentery | Metal Church | Tombs | Ravencult | Mortal Decay

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