Episode 381: Album Autopsy – Possessed’s Seven Churches 30th Anniversary – Part 2

In Part 2 of this essential Album Autopsy,  we continue our celebration of POSSESSED‘s Seven Churches album. Vocalist and bassist Jeff Becerra and legendary producer Randy Burns join us again for the occasion. We discuss every track and their lyrics, as Jeff finally spills the beans about the satanic message at the beginning of “Burning In Hell”.  Randy tells us about some of the recording and engineering tricks and techniques he used, we talk about the original (rejected) album cover, the creation of the iconic band logo, and we finish with some stories from the legendary World War III Festival in Montreal. If you are a true fan of Death Metal, you must listen to this episode! Horns Up!

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Possessed’s Seven Churches

Episode 381: Album Autopsy - Possessed's Seven Churches 30th Anniversary - Part 2 - Download This Episode