Episode 367: Album Autopsy – Dangerous Toys’ Self-Titled Part 2

In Part 2 of this Album Autopsy, vocalist Jason McMaster and guitarist Scott Dalhover join us once again to go over all the tracks from DANGEROUS TOYS‘ debut self-titled album. Most notably, we find out how it was to work with Max Norman in the studio, coming up with guitar solos, how Jason “learned” how to sing while working on the album,  and how they feel about performing these songs today. There’s tons of other great stories including which songs get the best responses in concert from the men and the women and how Jason’s father reacted to the lyrics on the album! And as a bonus, we talk to artist Tommy Pons, the man who created and painted the famous clown cover! He tells us how he came up with the design, how he got screwed by the record label, how his name was erased from the cover artwork, and who gave him priceless advice! Devil Clown Horns Up!

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Dangerous Toys