Episode 362: Album Autopsy – Slaughter’s Stick It To Ya 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, one of hard rock’s most exciting albums was released to great fanfare. Selling over 2 million copies, SLAUGHTER‘s Stick It To Ya was loaded with hits, scoring three songs in the Top 40. We invited Mark Slaughter himself to help us celebrate its silver anniversary by answering all our fanboy questions in this exclusive Album Autopsy episode. He tells us all about the formation of the band, how they got their recording contract, how the album name was selected, and he shares the story of why “Fly To The Angels” was written. One of the coolest stories he shares is about the car he owned at the time… a true piece of Rock N’ Roll history (RR/OO). And if that wasn’t enough, we ask him a question he has NEVER been asked before in 25 years! While we’re at it, we also dive into the current happenings with Slaughter and talk about the release of his very first solo album Reflections In A Rear View Mirror. Horns Up!

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Episode 362: Episode 362: Album Autopsy - Slaughter's Stick It To Ya 25th Anniversary - Download This Episode