Episode 357: Album Autopsy – Raven’s All For One

Our interest in NWOBHM originals RAVEN goes as far back as our interest in Heavy Metal itself. All For One is the English power trio’s all important third album, which firmly put the band on the map and first got our attention as well. So this record is a prime candidate for inclusion in our ongoing Album Autopsy series. We tested vocalist/bassist/co-founder John Gallagher‘s memory as we dissected this album track-by-track, giving us the whys and wherefores  of each piece of metallic gold. Having waited thirty years to get Mr. Gallagher on the horn, we weren’t going to let him get away without sharing some stories from Raven’s illustrious history. We were particularly wowed by the origin of original drummer Rob  “Wacko” Hunter‘s  unique stage wear, playing for the Hell’s Angels, and taking a very young METALLICA out on their first tour. All For One… One For Us All!!

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Raven’s All For One