Episode 446: 90 Minutes To Midnight

Cleveland black/thrash-n-roll metallers MIDNIGHT are having a banner year. They’ve got a hot new EP Shox Of Violence terrorizing the racks right now (courtesy of the fine folks at Hells Headbangers) and are also gearing up for the upcoming Decibel tour. This is a fantastic time to catch up with mainman Athenar to get his take on the going-ons at the witching hour. We discussed said record, went behind the scenes of the tour, and their contributions to the awesome Green Room flick. And since this an audio interview, we have no idea if he’s wearing his famous hood or not. In our News, Views and Tunes, we acknowledge some fallen comrades and go off big time on the ignorance and apathy displayed at the Grammy’s. Musically, we crank some new Midnight, some new/old SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER, and current underground darlings BLOOD INCANTATION! Horns Up!!

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Midnight | Sacrificial Slaughter | Blood Incantation