Episode 441: FU2016

The end of the year can be a slow period for the citizens of Metaldom. The new releases are in the books and the live scene slows down to celebrate the holidays with friends and family. We here at RAM have our own busy schedules as well, so this time of year, we usually find ourselves without a Creature Feature. But keep the faith, Beautiful MFers: we got a lot on our minds and a fistful of Metal to start 2017. We speak about the Kanye/TESTAMENT t-shirt fiasco, a local controversy on the CARNIFEX tour, and what’s to come with the new LIFE OF AGONY record. Oh, and a little GOGMAGOG talk??!! We laughed, we cried! Musically, we crank some faves from ’16 including SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, PROFANATICA, DESPISED ICON, SUPERJOINT, and some classics from DVC and SORTILÈGE! Horns!!

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Suicidal Tendencies | Profanatica | Despised Icon
Superjoint | DVC | Sortilège