Episode 426: Angry Girl

Never before has there been a more fitting monicker. Brazilian thrashers NERVOSA took that name as it means in their native tongue (angry girl). That becomes apparent after just one spin of their sophomore Napalm Records effort, Agony, and even more so when the band hits the stage. It’s a thing of beauty to see these lasses go from girls-next-door to screaming banshees from beyond.  We recently caught up with bass/vox Fernanda Lira right before one such exhibition. She shared her thoughts about hailing from Brazil, the Ladies Of Napalm, and the band’s connection to none other than DESTRUCTION‘s Schmier, all with a passion in her voice that others should take note of. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we pay tribute to Y&T drummer Leonard Hayes, give the horns to BOLT THROWER, and yack about a fave B-Queen. Musically, we crank some Nervosa, the aforementioned Bolt Thrower and Y&T, MERCYFUL FATE, MORTILLERY, RAVENEYE, and NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST. Horns!!

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Nervosa | Y&T | Bolt Thrower | Mercyful Fate
Mortillery | RavenEye | Nuclear Holocaust