Episode 424: The Rip Chord

Paul Gott is a forefather of the Canadian hardcore punk scene. His legendary outfit RIPCORDZ formed in 1980, spanning a career of 15 full lengthers which inspired a generation of Canuck punk. Recently, the ‘Cordz ripped thru town to liven up a boring Monday night. Hanging with Mr. Gott, he gave us the 411 on more than 35 years of underground musical goodness, as seen through the eyes that have seen it all. To paraphrase another (in)famous Canuck: Ripcordz “were Rancid before Rancid were cool”. In our News, Views and Tunes, we gush over some 80s metal vixens, and throw in the towel on announcing INQUISITION albums! In the tunage dept., we crank some classic ‘Cordz, the new SODOM and Inquisition records and pro-wrassler ULTRAMANTIS BLACK. Horns!!

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Ripcordz | Inquisition | Sodom | Ultramantis Black