Episode 412: The Other Brother

The Drover family is no stranger to RAM. Apart from being MEGADETH fans, we had the pleasure of chatting with Glen Drover a few years back. So it stands to reason that we would one day extend the invitation to his brother Shawn. Mr. Drover pounded the skins for Megadeth for a decade. Then a couple years back, he jumped ship with axe whiz Chris Broderick and formed ACT OF DEFIANCE. Upon his arrival in town to promote their Metal Blade debut, we sat down to discuss the formation of the outfit and said record. We also picked his brain on essentially starting fresh and he shared his thoughts and memories on the recently deceased Nick Menza. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we pay tribute to Mr. Menza and butt heads with metal elitists and annoying fans. Musically we crank the AOD record, CENTINEX, MERCYLESS, DERKETA, and… NAPALM BIAFRA (??). Horns!

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Act of Defiance | CentinexMercyless | Derketa