Episode 408: Terrorific

Mr. Peter Sandoval is a legendary figure in the extreme metal community. Bashing the skins as an original member of the mighty TERRORIZER, their World Downfall debut is one of the most influential albums of all time . It literally coined the term grindcore. Then his exploits with MORBID ANGEL are the stuff of metal legend. Recently, this latest incarnation of Terrorizer graced our presence headlining the Manitoba Metalfest where Mr. Sandoval gave us a moment of his time. Having undergone some radical spiritual and philosophical changes over the past few years, it made our chat an interesting experience. We discussed said World Downfall record, as well as Terrorizer, the band and concept, in 2016. And of course he shared some of his thoughts on his late, great bandmate Jesse Pintado (NAPALM DEATH). In our News, Views and Tunes, we discuss partying backstage, more concert etiquette, and we pay our respects to “Nick”. Oh and we say “Dying Fetus” a lot. Finally we crank some classic Terrorizer, ROTTEN SOUND, and some LORD DYING! Whew! Horns!!

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Terrorizer | Rotten Sound | Lord Dying