Episode 406: Girls Next Door

To our long time listeners, this isn’t our annual Snowy’s Angels episode where we focus on the lovely ladies of Metal. It’s just a happy accident that we happen to have a Double Feature Creature Feature with two young ladies fronting two awesome outfits. Death metallers ABNORMALITY have just released their Metal Blade debut. In a long overdue chat with vocalist Mallika Sundaramurthy, we discuss said debut, some mutual friends and side projects, and their upcoming tour with some legendary artists. On the other side of the extreme metal coin, Morgan Weller’s black metal project LUSTRAVI are releasing their Obscure Musick debut in a few days. She shared with us the beginnings of the band, her personal views on religion in general, and their future plans. For sure, these are the girls we always wanted next door. In our News, Views and Tunes, we trade stories regarding Record Store Day, the Manitoba Metalfest, and we give our two-cents on the BELPHEGOR incident in Russia. Musically, we crank the new Abnormality, Lustravi, CASTRATOR, the aforementioned Belphegor, and BEGRIME EXEMIOUS. Horns up!!

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Abnormality | Lustravi | Castrator | Belphegor | Begrime Exemious