Episode 398: What If?

We admit it. 66.6% of us are kinda nerdy, especially when it comes to comic books. Growing up, we enjoyed one classic series called What If? The title explored what would happen if an event in the Marvel Universe never happened or something else happened in it’s place. It explored what were the ramifications of this alternate event and the story behind it. The world of Heavy Metal has had its own events that have shaped the genre’s landscape that we see today. So what if said event never happened? What if Cliff Burton never left us. What if grunge never took off. What if there was no VENOM? We have an interesting and entertaining discussion regarding our predictions of this alternate realm. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we goober a recent KORN tribute show and crank some Venom, ANVIL, SATYRICON, POWER FROM HELL and LA’s DESECRATE in our Indie Spotlight. Horns Up!!

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Venom | Anvil | Satyricon | Power From Hell | Desecrate

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