Episode 394: Lyrically Challenged

The value of lyrics in our beloved genre is dependent on the individual. Some prefer thought provoking lyrics with a middle finger to the world. For others, they’re just something for the frontman to say during the shredding and blastbeats. For us, cool lyrics complete the total package. This time ’round we decided to test each other’s lyrical metal. We each recite some classic (and not so classic) metal lyrics while the others use their combined knowledge, and a little luck, to figure out exactly where our brethren is coming from. Or at least, what’s going through their heads, all making for an enjoyable listen. In our News, Views and Tunes, we gush over the new MEGADETH and mourn the sick infiltration of country music in our beloved genre. All the while, we crank the new ABBATH, THE CASUALTIES, introduce said Megadeth album, and feature Canuck metallers DIVINITY in our Indie Spotlight. Horns!!

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Abbath | The Casualties | Megadeth | Divinity

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