Episode 388: Gettin’ Our Hate On

HATE ETERNAL mainman Erik Rutan is one of Metaldom’s movers and shakers. Despite spending the majority of his career tearing it up with his main project, he’s still known for his time with the legendary MORBID ANGEL and is a renowned sought out record producer. Recently while headlining our neck of the woods, we caught up with Mr. Rutan. We discussed their Infernus record and their Season Of Mist home, as well as his production duties and the band’s influence. In our News, Views,and Tunes, we crank the latest Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, AUTOPSY, RAMMING SPEED, UNDERGANG, and GENOCIDE PACT. We discuss demonic boobies and have a very polarizing conversation over the death of Scott Weiland. Horns Up!!

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Hate Eternal | Morbid Angel | Autopsy

Ramming SpeedUndergang | Genocide Pact

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