Episode 387: Misery Our Company

Maryland Multi-Metal Mayhem Masters MISERY INDEX are right up our musical alley. Heavily focusing on the thrash/death sounds, these Season Of Mist signees also appeal to hard and grindcore fanatics as well. This coupled with their commitment to thought provoking lyrical content makes them practically the perfect Metal artists. ME recently stormed through town with the mighty HATE ETERNAL. Having eluded us in the past, we made sure to finally corner frontman Mark Kloeppel for a chat. We discussed their brilliant Killing Gods record, their multiple connections to DYING FETUS, and what exactly is a misery index. Despite their monicker, this will put a smile on your face. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we breathe a sigh of relief regarding last weeks interview subjects and put a price tag on SLAYER 2016. horns!!!

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Misery Index | Culture Killer | Living Death

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