Episode 386: Former Humanoid

We pride ourselves on being able to cover all the bases of Heavy Metal. We’ve experienced enough to actually be able to drown a poser in the water under the bridge but we also have enough youthful enthusiasm to keep our finger on the pulse of the here and now. The awesome new band ONCE HUMAN also reflects that spirit. The band is spearheaded by Metal vet Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD, ex-SOULFLY) and fronted by young growler Lauren Hart. We sat down with this dynamic duo to discuss Lauren’s musical origins, how they write music and record, playing their first shows as a band, and the creation of their first music video. While we found our time monopolized by our gigantic METAL CHURCH feature during the last couple of weeks, the Metal world rolled along without us. We caught up with our 2 cents on the Paris and Bucharest tragedies, weirdo hipsters, and discuss cursing in French. Horns Up!!

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Once Human

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