Episode 378: Snowy’s Angels 2015

It’s that time again!! It’s the time where we pay our annual tribute to the (not always) fairer sex with in the Metal community. Around here, any female performer within the hard rock/metal/hardcore/punk/goth/etc genres are referred as Snowy’s Angels. The ladies are making a even bigger impact than ever within the metal underground (check out recent covers of Decibel and Terrorizer). We’re finding out that more and more ladies are no longer taking a back seat to their male counterparts. Grindcore veterans FUCK THE FACTS recently blew through town with vocalist Mel Mongeon leading the charge, so we had a most interesting chat about her being a trailblazer, the brilliant new record, their controversial monicker, and balancing life as a mom and a grindcore queen. We make our Snowy’s Angel’s Hall OF Fame inductions and discuss the relevance of the “female fronted metal metal” tag. Finally we crank some MYRKUR, LUCIFER, GRUESOME, THE DONNAS, PARASITIC EXTIRPATION, WOODEN STAKE, DESPISED ICON, and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS. Horns!!

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Fuck The Facts | Myrkur | Lucifer | Gruesome | The Donnas

Parasitic Extirpation | Wooden Stake | Despised Icon | Joan Jett

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