Episode 377: Devastation Of The Radio

Unique Leader Records continues to live up to it’s namesake. Late last year, we showcased the label when two of their legendary artists made their way through Winnipeg. This time around, we want to focus our attention on a couple of bands taking UL into the future. First off, we catch up with tech-deathsters ALTERBEAST. Vocalist Monty Barnard gives us the 411 on the whys and wherefores of the band and the industry itself. Finally an up-comer that speaks like a true veteran. Joining them on the Devastation Of The Nation tour are their Swedish counterparts SOREPTION. We sat down with 3/4 of the band and discussed their UL debut, Sweden vs. North America, and discover our previous connection. It’s definitely a good kind of devastation. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we pay a debt with disco (!) and crank some HAMMERCULT, HARLOTT, BLACK BREATH, and THE TRACEELORDS. Horns Up!!

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Alterbeast | Soreption | Hammercult | Harlott

Black Breath | The TraceeLords

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