Episode 376: A Gruesome View

We love old-school metal but we also love to hear crushing new tunes. So when a band like GRUESOME combines both old with new, we can’t raise our horns high enough! The group stopped in Orlando on their first ever mini tour, so we had to talk to them and catch the show. We sat down with the whole band and discussed their origin, the Schuldiner family, the debut album, Ed Repka artwork, and what’s in the band’s immediate future. In our News, Views, and Tunes, we discuss some Sin City and get on our soapbox about the ugliness of prejudice. Musically, we crank some related Metal in EXHUMED, DERKETA and introduce Norway’s DEFECT DESIGNER. Horns Up, BMFs!!!

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Gruesome | Exhumed | Derketa | Defect Designer

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